Igor was born in the late 70’s, into a travelling family, who had decided to leave ‘mainstream’ society, to attain higher values in life. In his early days, he was taken to the far east, to the borders of countries in conflict where his father had been accustomed to working on diverse humanitarian projects from Afghanistan to India. Igor was not alone, he had at least 10 other siblings from his father’s side, and a further three from his mother side. Only one sister from both his parents. The family, along with a few others of a similar, perhaps more homogeneous configurations, intended to live the Quest for the Holy Grale in the steps of Eastern Traditional Mystics. No one would have guessed that half of the children would fall ill after 6 months and have to return to be hospitalized in traditional western medical centres. That was a first try, not too dispair. After a short period of resettling into mainstream Brisith society in London, of which iG0R can barely remember but a couple of episodes, the blowing down of a home door by British policemen to save a baby under the bed from a woman suffering from Skitzofrenia, someone whom by chance had come under iG0R’s mother’s care. ended up in those early childhood memories. Not only thas, he also could remember the last time he visited his own father, along with his new Moroccan wife, and those child games with plastic bottles, that he would wonder about from time to time into the future of his early man hood.

The Journey did indeed continue, this time to Southern Spain. A home was fixed in a small village, named after a gunpowder factory, close to the city of Granada, Spain. In spite of having moved to Spain as a family, iG0R does not actually until today have any memory of arriving in Spain with his father and since then has grown up mostly with his mother and three siblings, A, B & eventually C. The rest of iG0R’s brothers and sisters, in number 14 are felt “in the air” throughout his early lifetime, but they seldomly ever met, except for his mother’s side who did remain closer. In fact until today, he has still to meet two of his sisters living in the U.S.