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Product Scoping Workshop

For crowdfunding portal or peer-to-peer funding marketplace operators that have taken their first steps to map out or build a portal – or perhaps already have a limited portal in operation – that want to take the next step by moving more of their offline operations online. This may also include considerations around third party sources of deal-flow or investors. See more here.
The Product Scoping Workshop is designed primarily for these audiences:
  • Crowdfunding portal or peer-to-peer funding marketplace operators that have taken their first steps to map out or build a portal, and that want to move more of their offline operations online
  • Portal operators that want to work more closely alongside other online marketplaces, other sources of deal-flow (either online or offline), or other sources of investors
  • Securities professionals that want to move their back office processes online, such as KYC or AML processes, contract and document management, or ongoing investor relations
A typical agenda includes:
  • Review of short-term and long-term objectives
  • Mapping your back-office processes, including:
    • Investment and due diligence
    • Payments and escrow or custodial services
    • Reporting, payment schedules, and document management
    • Investor relations
  • Identification of appropriate third-parties to support your platform
    • Databases of issuers, properties, projects, or other asset types that could serve as deal-flow for your investors
    • Sources of investors through other platforms or online communities
    • Service providers that can support investor accreditation, credit scoring, or background checks
    • Online payments, banking accounts and e-wallets such as escrow or custodial service providers
    • Foreign exchange providers
For more information please get in touch.

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